When sibling rivalries cause disputes over a will

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2020 | Will Contests

Will contests come up for different reasons, whether a family member believes that their loved one was under the undue influence of another or the executor is accused of failing to distribute assets appropriately. However, some wills are disputed because of sibling rivalries. In some instances, siblings struggle with fights and disagreement over the course of their lives, while other sibling rivalries surface over more recent issues. Either way, these rivalries create serious challenges for many families when it comes to the distribution of a loved one’s estate. 

There are different ways in which sibling rivalries are viewed in terms of will contests. For example, some executors find themselves in the middle of these disputes and are unsure of how to move forward. In some instances, one sibling is in charge of an estate and their brother or sister is trying to undermine the process. On the other hand, some people are treated unfairly as beneficiaries because they have a bitter sibling managing the distribution of a will improperly. 

When it comes to sibling rivalries and will contests, there is no simple solution to every case. Some are very complex and a multi-faceted approach is necessary. However, all families should focus on reducing tensions during these tough battles and finding an outcome that serves the best interests of all family members. When people create wills, they usually do not want to see conflict in the family as a result of their estate plan, and siblings must try to set aside their differences to work through these matters. Our will contests section goes over other issues related to family conflict following the death of a loved one.