Five Things To Know About Living Wills

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Living wills are incredibly useful for people all ages. Even if you are young and in good health, you should consider creating a living will. A living will allows an individual to dictate end of life care should an accident or illness leave them incapacitated. Living wills can also protect family members from having to make difficult decisions about your medical care because the living will states your wishes.

Living wills need to be written by experienced estate planning lawyers. There are many nuances of living wills and the laws regarding living wills vary by state. If you decide to work with an attorney to create a living will, there are a couple of things you need to know.

  1. You will need to regularly update your living will. Many life circumstances can necessitate an update to your living will. If you move states, decide to assign medical power of attorney to another individual, or if you decide to change your mind on some of your directives, you will need to update your living will.
  2. Living wills can be as specific as you want. End of life care is more than just deciding whether or not a person should remain on life support. Living wills can dictate preferred treatments or other care in addition to the ultimate decision of life support.
  3. You can dictate how long you want life-sustaining treatment. For people who don’t want to be on prolonged life-sustaining treatment but don’t also don’t want life-sustaining treatment taken away immediately, living wills can specify how long you would like to be on life-sustaining treatment. If you would like this treatment for a week or a month, your living will can detail the duration you specify.
  4. Your living will can also include your wishes regarding organ donation. If you would like to donate your organs or donate your body to science, you can and should specify this in your living will.
  5. You need to make sure loved ones know where your living will is located. A living will does no good if your loved ones can’t find it. Make sure someone or preferably several people know where it is located, so they can find it if necessary.

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