This includes an appropriate will, trusts and powers of attorney to protect and distribute your assets to your survivors. We are able to develop a plan that meets your individualized needs, whether that be setting up a living trust or an interest in gift tax planning.

Probate Administration

Grieving families are faced with numerous challenging decisions that can be extremely draining, but they are also faced with legal issues too complex to handle on their own. Our probate administration lawyers work to relieve grieving families of the legal implications of a loved one’s passing.

Probate Litigation

After a loved one’s passing, there are many parties who may take issue with the way assets are distributed. These legal issues will require an experienced probate litigation lawyer to help resolve.

Will Contests

Many people believe leaving behind a will and testament ensures their wishes regarding the distribution of their assets are followed after their death. However, when an inexperienced attorney drafts a will, it often cannot hold up to litigation, leading to a will contest and lengthy legal battles.


If an individual passes away before leaving a will, Texas intestate succession laws will guide the distribution of his or her assets. These laws are complex and have many stipulations, so loved ones will need the help of probate lawyer to distribute assets.

Trust Administration

Setting up a trust is a great way to insure your loved ones will be provided for in the event of your death. However, there are many responsibilities and duties imposed on trustees, and adhering to all of them can be challenging without the help of an attorney.

Determination of Heirship

When a person in Texas dies without a will, this gives rise to intestate succession. One of our Texas probate lawyers can counsel your family regarding the process of determining heirs in Texas, and explain everything you need to know regarding the application to determine heirship in Texas.

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